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Armenian dance

Djanbazian Dance Foundation Presents Ballet of Zal & Rudabeh 2009 West Coast Premiere

Event Details
Oct 4 2009 7:00pm - 9:30pm
$25.00 - $75.00
Alex Theatre
216 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91203
Tix 818.243.2539

Anna Djanbazian's Zal & Rudabeh Contemporary BalletAnna Djanbazian's Zal & Rudabeh Contemporary BalletThe premiere of full-length contemporary ballet theatre 'ZAL & RUDABEH,' conceived and directed by award-winning choreographer Anna Djanbazian, divulges a timeless tale of forbidden romance, war, triumph and the transcendental power of love, based on an epic tale— 'Shah-nameh'—the Book of Kings, by Ferdowsi, an 11th century Persian poet.

The ballet 'ZAL & RUDABEH,' inspired by the vibrant skills of Persian storytelling, NAQQALI, showcases this historic fable, interwoven with live percussion, song and poetry recitation in both Persian and English.

The Djanbazian Dance Company performers include Athenia Barouni, Tina Mirzakhanian, Alex Crawford, Rubina Vartanian, Talita Ghazanian, Tania Mangasarian, Talin Davidian, Alina Ananian, Anoush Akopyan, Lana Moussesian, Biayna Ayvazian, Christine Dashdemirians, Maryam Ghukasian, and Catherine Eskandar.