Kinda Hibrawi

Kinda HibrawiKinda HibrawiKinda Hibrawi's artwork is a passionate journey of femininity, spirituality and cultural convergence. Of Syrian descent, she grew up between Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and the United States. Her formative years in the Middle East gave her the opportunity to study the power of the Arabic language in all of its art forms. Through her studies she began to expand on the ancient tradition of Arabic Calligraphy by giving it a modern twist. As an Arab American, she felt the need for her artwork to reflect the richness of the Middle East coupled with Western diversity. She has successfully intertwined East and West and is exposing audiences to the beauty and mystique of this historic art form. Hibrawi's original work is sought by collectors and is currently exhibited in galleries  across the USA. As well as in the permanent collection of the Arab American Museum. She was asked by the City of Los Angeles to premiere her work in their 2006 Cultural Calendar and City Guide and is featured online for the Syrian Culture, Arts and History Center in Montreal, Canada.

Hibrawi currently runs a custom portrait studio,, and is represented by the Chiarini Gallery in California. For more about Kinda Hibrawi, visit her website at


Fusion - 2007 Collection
Unveiled - 2006 Collection
Spirit of the Written Word - 2005 Collection
Limited Edition Prints

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