A nonprofit media organization that promotes awareness of the Greater Middle East and its Diaspora communities

The mission of Aslan Media Initiatives is to inform, educate, and engage the public on political, social, religious and cultural issues related to the Greater Middle East and its Diaspora Communities worldwide.

To accomplish this mission we coordinate and disseminate news and information through New Media outlets, as well as produce original content that educates while meeting high standards of journalistic integrity and maintaining cultural context. Additionally, we work at the community level to promote dialogue and understanding on interfaith and intercultural issues.

Why support Aslan Media?

We fill the gap that currently exists in mainstream American media, working to bring you constructive news reporting and discussion about issues related to the Greater Middle East. We work to create an online space you can count on to consolidate coverage of current events related to the region and its Diaspora communities worldwide. From unique content such as podcasts and interviews with leading Middle Eastern artists, authors writing on the region, and leading politicians, to articles that delve deeper into the issues; all our work is aimed to inform, educate, and engage.

Harnessing and Supporting the Voices of Youth

We work to build a global core of Citizen Reporters and engaged youth that can speak firsthand about events- without the filter of corporate media. Our team is comprised of passionate and hard working youth who, in us, have found a place that is receptive to their voice, their hopes, and their ideas and visions for a better future.

Working for the Love of It

We are a nonprofit. Any "profit" we make from advertising or other activities goes right back to support our remarkable team as they work hard to leverage existing social media and build grassroots journalism to keep you informed. Funding multimedia projects, increasing website content & engagement, and even student/campus activities are all on our docket... and you can help keep us going. Aslan Media exists because of your interest and support.

Contributions to Aslan Media through its fiscal sponsor, the Levantine Cultural Center, are fully tax-deductible according to the IRS 501(c)(3) code. Aslan Media is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of California.

Donations via check may be mailed to Aslan Media c/o LCC, 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035-2657 (checks payable to "Levantine Center" with "Aslan Media" in the memo line please). Further information, 310.657.5511.

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