Major Business/Community Sponsor
With an estimated one million people of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean heritage in southern California alone, and with many thousands of visitors each month to our web site, business/community sponsors receive the benefit of supporting high-quality cultural programs that fulfill our unique and urgent mission: to promote dialogue among the cultures of the Middle East through the literary, performing and visual arts, and to bring Americans a more mutli-faceted understanding of the Middle East.

::With all the talk in the media about the troubled region, Levantine Cultural Center programs offer audience members a more informed and positive vision of Arab, Persian and other Mideast cultures.::

Levantine Cultural Center produces or cosponsors artistic programs that encourage cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations, and that give voice to issues and experiences of under-represented Middle Eastern communities in order to bring informative and alternative information on these communities to the American public and media.

Major Sponsor — Benefits to you:

  • Your business, organizational or family name will be seen by thousands of professional, educated people each month.
  • Your contribution is largely tax-deductible (click here for some examples).
  • You can choose to sponsor the organization's needs directly with seed support, or fund a specific program.
  • Bring together both artists and audiences representing a wide diversity of cultures and religions
  • Represent a new coalition of nonprofit organizations advocating peace and freedom of expression
  • Net benefits of most programs help to fund related cultural arts and peace initiatives, and as such are farmed back into the community
Call today to talk to one of our board members. We would be happy to meet with you and explain these sponsorship opportunities in detail:


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