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About "Sarah's War" & Freedom Theatre West

A play based on the Rachel Corrie story, a theatre company dedicated to the work of Juliano Mer-Khamis's Freedom Theatre in Jenin

About Sarah's War

You won't want to miss this provocative, funny and thoughtful play based on the true story of the late peace activist Rachel Corrie. Why? Because when actor Alan Rickman first presented his version of Rachel's story My Name is Rachel Corrie, it was "postponed indefinitely" in New York due to a misconception that the play was anti-Israel. [Read a new first-person account of the Rachel Corrie trial.]

Sarah's War may be your only chance to see a fictionalized account of Rachel's life with moving performances that will inspire you long after curtain call. Come travel with Sarah from California to Israel to Palestine, and witness perspectives from all sides—American, Israeli, Palestinian. Sarah's War is a family drama that has less to do with politics than with the universal impulses towards peace and acceptance...

Advance Praise for Sarah's War

Writes Mimi Kennedy of Sarah's War, "I am so moved by [this] version of this story. The last scene is beautiful, completely unexpected and profoundly healing. The family (Sarah's) is so very American in all our urgent wish for closeness and fairness -- and our terrible dysfunction and restless disquiet because of what we sense -- but deny - is done in our names."

"What a great piece of theatre! What a great theatrical experience." —William Lithgow

[Sarah's War] is a thrilling emotional adventure, gorgeously, tenderly written by [an] amazing playwright." —Suzanne Ford

"It is your civic duty as a human being, your allegiance to the human race, to see this important, thought-provoking, deeply compassionate work of art...Like the Greek philosophers, Valerie Dillman challenges us to question our humanity. As if this weren't enough, it is also funny. Bravo to this beautiful ensemble." —Sharron Shayne-Simeone

More About the Play 

Sarah is an idealistic 23-year-old who decides to join members of the International Solidarity Movement in Palestinian Territories under Israeli military occupation, much to the consternation of her Jewish uncle, to whom she initially appeals for support. He doesn't want her to potentially put herself in harm's way. It's pointed out to her that there are plenty of worthwhile things that need to be done right in her own backyard.

It's rough going for her once she arrives in the Middle East. There are Arabs who suspect her of being a spy, while some Israelis regard her as a terrorist sympathizer. Yet Sarah sees herself as a peace activist and is determined to remain.

She's in a village, however, where soldiers, guns, tanks and bulldozers are nearby. When armies and civilians conflict, destiny is sometimes cruel...

Become a friend of Freedom Theatre West, be a friend to freedom, support the world premiere of Sarah's War...

Many friends of the Levantine Cultural Center invite you to join us in supporting the founding production for the first Middle Eastern theatre company of Los Angeles, Freedom Theatre West (FTW), named in honor of Juliano Mer-Khamis' Jenin company, the Freedom Theatre. 

Donate Here.

You may contribute online, by phone, 310.657.5511, or with a check to the Levantine Center ("Sarah's War" in the memo line) to Levantine Cultural Center, 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035. We will thank you on the upcoming FTW web site at

At the Hudson 2/11-3/18At the Hudson 2/11-3/18ABOUT FREEDOM THEATRE WEST & SARAH'S WAR

Abica Dubay stars as "Sarah," with Terry Davis as "Ann," Lindsey Ginter as "Neil," Allan Wasserman as "Uncle Don," Ayman Samman as "Ryad," Dina Simon as "Noura," Will Rothaar as "Danny," Marley McClean as "Caitlin," Will Green as "Matthew," Ann Bronston as "Linda," Avner Regev as "Captain Ha'as," and Adria Tennor Blotta as "Liz." 

The greater Los Angeles region, home to a million Americans of Middle Eastern/North Africa heritage, desperately needs a theatre company devoted to the Middle East/North Africa. Good theatre enriches, provokes and often changes civil society, using cultural diplomacy to bridge religious and political divides while addressing potentially charged issues that rarely receive enough public attention. Theatre creates a safe space for dialogue and cultivation of new friendships.

In honor of our friend Juliano Mer-Khamis, the Israeli-Palestinian actor-director and founder of Jenin's theatre company, Freedom Theatre, who was assassinated in April of 2011, we will launch Freedom Theatre West in Los Angeles in February/March 2012 by producing Sarah's War at the Hudson Theatre on Hollywood's Theatre Row.

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