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"The Forbidden" Poets of Iran, New Anthology

The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and Its Exiles

Note from the Editor*

The ForbiddenThe ForbiddenDespite the Islamic Republic Iran's use of any and all available methods to quell dissent—including propaganda poems, novels and films—in a country that even the uneducated bricklayers recite poems by heart, the voice of the poets cannot be silenced. Like rain it will seep into every crevice and feed the seedlings. In Iran's Green Movement we see signs of saplings that have broken through pavements and are growing fast in the streets and squares. Anthologies such as this empower these saplings. This power does not just come from their fellow Iranians, rather it comes from all human beings in every corner of the world; it comes from readers like you who allow in your lives the transformative power of literature.

Levantine Review presents you with five poems from this rich and diverse anthology, by Rasoul Younan, Granaz Mousavi,Reza Baraheni, Persis Karim and Sheida Mohammadi. Go to poems.

* Sholeh Wolpé is poetry editor of the Levantine Review and The Forbidden

List of poets presented in The Forbidden:

Ahmad Reza Ahmadi
Pegah Ahmadi
Maryam Ala Amjadi
Ali Alizadeh
Reza Baraheni
Kaveh Bassiri
Simin Behbahani
Mohsen Emadi
Shideh Etaat
Forugh Farrokhzad
Maryam Hooleh
Zara Houshmand
Iraj Mirza
Sepideh Jodeyri
Sheema Kalbasi
Ziba Karbassi
Persis Karim
Esmail Khoi
Shams Langroodi
Farzaneh Milani
Sheida Mohamadi
Jila Mossaed
Amy Motlagh
Granaz Moussavi
Nader Naderpour
Partow Nooriala
Tahirih Qurratu'l-‘Ayn
Yadollah Royai
H.E. Sayeh
Roger Sedarat
Sohrab Sepehri
Ahmad Shamlou
Solmaz Sharif
Sholeh Wolpé
Nima Yushij
Rasoul Younan
Mandana Zandian