Middle East Speakers Bureau

Contact us for a range of speakers and performers, from book authors and academics to musicians, comedians, actors, filmmakers, artists and photographers. 310.657.5511.

A range of distinguished artists and activists are available to come to your organization or university, college or high school to address audiences on topics as varied as:

  • Afghanistan: filmmaking on the women of Afghanistan
  • Algerian music and culture
  • Armenian culture in diaspora, music
  • Dubai: a new vision of the Middle East
  • Egypt: literature, music, film
  • Egypt: Mubarak, the U.S., Israel and the 2011 revolution
  • Greece: music
  • Iraq: filmmaking, history, music, war and peace
  • Iran: filmmaking, history, music, poetry and literature, war and peace
  • Israel: contemporary literature, Jews of the Middle East, Israel-Palestine
  • Jordan: culture and society of Jordan
  • Kuwait: music of the Gulf region
  • Kurdistan: culture and history of the Kurds
  • Lebanon: Beirut, art, music, war and peace
  • Morocco: Berber culture, hip hop, traditional Moroccan music, Jews of Morocco
  • North Africa: Culture and Society Today (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt)
  • Pakistan: culture and society
  • Palestine: facts on the ground, culture, music, war and peace
  • Saudia Arabia: contemporary history and culture
  • Tunisia: rai music
  • Turkey: filmmaking on Turkey, East/West, Istanbul, Turkish music
  • United States: Islamophobia; Muslim American women; the art of cultural diplomacy; Middle Eastern American comedy show (Sultans of Satire)

Whether you're seeking to present a lecture, panel discussion, performance or a multidisciplinary program, we can bring our passion and expertise to your institution. Contact us at the Levantine Cultural Center, 310.657.5511.