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Radio Tabbouli, Hawks & Doves concert for peace

with Naser Musa, Yuval Ron, Rowan Storm, Jim Grippo, Sami Janini, Jamie Papish
On May 14, 2012, the Levantine Cultural Center presented live in concert Palestinian-Jordanian composer and oud master Naser Musa and his friend, Israeli composer and oudist Yuval Ron, with Jim Grippo on kanun, Rowan Storm on riq, Sami Janini on doumbek, and Jamie Papish on doumbek. The concert took place at the Writers Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Rabbi Leonard Beerman, Bana Hilal, Amani Jabsheh, Lillian Laskin, Tony Litwinko, Souhail Toubia and the groups Friends of Sabeel, and LA Jews for Peace.

Naser Musa, Yuval Ron & friends, May 14, 2012Naser Musa, Yuval Ron & friends, May 14, 2012