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syrian jazz festival

Jazz Lives In Syria

Members of the Syrian Jazz OrchestraMembers of the Syrian Jazz OrchestraBy Jen Reinhardt

If you were to expose American jazz critics on a visit to Syria to the kaleidoscope of musical styles found on the streets, you'd rock their world, for it is this range of styles that best exemplifies the Syrian heritage of cultural diversity and tolerance. From street musicians performing classical Arabic music, to wedding celebrations with thumping debke beats, taxis blaring catchy Arabic pop songs, and a variety of cafes and restaurants each showcasing different world music, you'll find almost every musical genre in Syria.

This wealth of musical exchange served as the inspiration for "Jazz Lives in Syria," an annual international jazz festival founded in 2005 as a way to both promote international collaboration between audiences and artists alike and celebrate the fusion of different musical styles (Eastern/Western, contemporary/traditional, etc.)