In Levantine Center we believe that the best is always yet to come and that the only way out is through. The region of MENA has been in continuous political and social instability for more than many of us can remember, that´s the exact reason why we believe that cultural, artistic and educational bridges can be the solution for centuries of political and religious divides.

The cultural and historical wealth of the countries forming the region is undeniable and overwhelming, but it can be chaotic at times. The thing is that, from our perspective, chaos can be a healthy way of healing those wounds that have been open for thousands of years. We talk about the creative chaos that gives birth to a brand new way of seeing things.

The aim of this website is to bring light to this side of the world and show other cultures that we have a lot of interesting things to offer, not only historically, but also with what´s happening nowadays. The cultural clash and the differences won´t go away, but if we can reach a new understanding through artistic bonds, then there´s hope for a prosperous and peaceful future ahead of us.

The globalized age made it easier for the amalgamation of the customs and cultures, but it´s only a mean, just the ladder to be climbed, the true challenge is acceptance without confrontation. To our eyes, that´s what art is all about, a safe ground where nobody has to be judged and all forms are accepted. Of course that diversity is welcome, because it´s actually an advantage, a distinctive asset that was given to the people in MENA and can´t be found anywhere else in the world.

This website is a call to the future, a call to action for those trying to know more about what makes each ancient civilization be what they are and also for those who want to break the mold and hold hands with the ones next to them. Being creative is exactly that: thinking outside the box and not preparing for the unexpected, just make it happen.

Levantine Center is a dream, a dream come true.

We dream of a better future for generations to come, a world without horrible wars because of the religion or the flags, a world in which the creative minds of our lucid children will work together to take the boundaries of art even further. The hanging gardens of Babylon, the incredible pyramids, the outstanding survival of the Bedouins, the astonishing organization of the Persian Empire, the beautiful sands of the Sahara Desert and the incredible beauty of the pharaohs tombs, they are all part of the MENA legacy, of who we are and where we come from.

We are optimistic and trust blindly in the talents of our people to make the world a better place and the MENA a wonderful region where creativity, art, education and culture are the flag that waves across all religions and countries.

If we can dream it, then it can be true.