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    The aim of this website is to bring light to this side of the world and show other cultures that we
    have a lot of interesting things to offer, not only historically, but also with what´s happening nowadays.

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    Best Cultural Heritages

    The rich cultural heritage of this region comes from civilizations that have been active for
    thousands of years and have turned into a brand new amalgamation of eastern and western influences
    making the map even a little more varied than it already was.

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    Amazing Facts

    There are some facts that draw attention because they are fun or because they are interesting or simply
    unique, the truth is they all belong to a place on Earth most people refer as distant or strange.

About Us

In Levantine Center we believe that the best is always yet to come and that the only way out is through.

The aim of this website is to bring light to this side of the world and show other cultures that we have a lot of interesting things to offer, not only historically, but also with what´s happening nowadays. We dream of a better future for generations to come, a world without horrible wars because of the religion or the flags, a world in which the creative minds of our lucid children will work together to take the boundaries of art even further.

Best Cultural Heritages


Ancient Egyptians

Egyptians influenced many civilizations just like the Roman and the Greek. They believed that the ‘soul’ of a persona was immortal and as such it transcended our time on Earth.


The Persian Empire

Another great civilization that ruled the region for two centuries and whose capital, Babylonia, is still today a common fairy-tale. The later empire stretches over 3,000 miles to be the largest empire on Earth at its time.


Albert Camus

Algerian-born writer won the Nobel Prize for in 1957 and claimed in several interviews that the landscape, the idiosyncrasy and the people he knew growing up in Algeria severely altered his way of seeing the world.


Must Know Amazing Facts

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This Website Is A Call To The Future

A call to action for those trying to know more about what makes each ancient civilization be what they are and also for those who want to break the mold and hold hands with the ones next to them.

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Must Know Amazing Facts

Important Facts

– Just to abolish the common belief that women are not as important as men in these regions, 70% of the students in science and engineering aren´t men, are the ladies.

– Arab is not a religion, it´s an ethnic group. There are Arab Christians and Arab Jews, in fact, you can be an Arab if you are descendent (bloodlines) or speak Arabic, the main Arab language. The key thing to know is that Arabs were around way before Islam was born.

Fun Facts

– There are some very strange illegal things in Iran like Mullets!

– In a great move, Iranians removed the waiting list for the kidney transplant using health insurance as well as financial compensation to incentivize unrelated donors.

– It was 2007 and the Iranian government arrested 14 squirrels. What were the charges? Spying!

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